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AQSIQ announced 2013 UV-Vis spectrophotometer product quality supervision and inspection results

Time:2017-08-07  Read:
  Quality recently released Chinese AQSIQ News Network News UV-visible spectrophotometer product quality supervision and inspection results, there is a batch wavelength accuracy project does not meet the standards.
  According to the announcement, the third quarter of 2013, a total sample of Beijing, Shanghai and two municipalities, 16 companies produced 16 batches of UV-visible spectrophotometer products. According to GB/T26798-2011 "single-beam UV-Vis spectrophotometer", GB/T26813-2011 "double beam UV-Vis spectrophotometer," and other standards for UV-visible spectrophotometer wavelength accuracy of the product, the wavelength repeatability , transmittance accuracy, repeatability transmittance, stray light, the power supply voltage changes caused by changes in the transmittance wavelength edge of noise, transport, transportation, storage and testing and other eight items were tested.
  Spot checks found that Beijing Rayleigh Analytical Instrument Co., a batch wavelength accuracy project failed. AQSIQ said it has instructed the relevant provincial quality and technical supervision departments in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, for this sample of substandard products and production enterprises and the law.