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Macy Joins Latin America Analytica

Time:2017-10-25  Read:

Good news!!!

Macylab takes her products through the Atlantic Ocean to the Latin America in Brazil.

It is a big breakthrough for Macy which means Macy really goes to the world. Till now since 2012, Macy has been to Middle East Dubai Twice, Europe Germany once, America once and also Latin America once.

It menas that the Macy enjoys the most distance customers in the world.

Let Ms Jane shares you some information about the exhibition. Analitica Latin America is one of the main meeting points of the analytical chemical industry. It is held on September 26-28, 2017 1pm to 9pm in São Paulo Expo São Paulo/SP – Brazil. Suppliers, distributors and manufacturers in the fields of laboratory technology, biotechnology and quality control present the latest news and trends. Brazil is the largest market in the analytical chemical industry in Latin America, occupying the 7th position in the world ranking and is in the 4th position of the Brazilian Industrial GDP. That is, it is a sector that moves millions of dollars and brings many businesses to Brazilian companies.

In addition, the event has the 3rd edition of the Circuit of Knowledge and Innovation, a place that promotes relevant and qualified content, debates and exchange of experiences among visitors, speakers and exhibitors.

By attending the event, May has the opportunity to keep up to date in the market, besides knowing the trends and the main releases of the sector.

Narrow our relationship with our current suppliers and learn about new products to increase our competitiveness.

It is unique opportunity for exchange of experience between visitors and exhibitors.