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Macy warmly congratulate the company successfully launched Sina Weibo

Time:2017-08-07  Read:
  Sina Weibo is a recreation of life for the public service to provide information sharing and communication platform . Sina Weibo via the Internet , MSN, client issues , but also through mobile phones released , the way to achieve a holographic release , truly a release anytime and receive information. Friends of Bo can not only upload text, you can also upload pictures and video. As of the end of October 2010 , Sina Weibo users has reached 50 million , Sina Weibo users posted an average of more than 25 million micro-blog content every day. Maximum number of users is Chinese microblogging products , many users of public celebrity is a major feature of Sina Weibo has basically been covered most famous sports stars , corporate executives, media personalities .
  macy ( China ) instrument is a high-tech enterprise with independent intellectual property rights , macy 's pioneering concept of "technology - because you change " , and as a business purpose, and constantly explore , bold innovation. Especially in the field of analytical instruments , and constantly develop advanced products that enable analysis of the United States to become a leader in high-quality suppliers and equipment resources.
  macy ( China ) instrument main spectral class instrument UV / Vis spectrophotometer , including the 1100 /1200 Series UV / Vis spectrophotometer , 1300 Series semi-double beam UV / Vis spectrophotometer , 1500 Series UV / Vis spectrophotometer 1700 series UV / Vis spectrophotometer , 1800 series double beam UV / Vis spectrophotometer and 1900 double beam UV / Vis spectrophotometer . At present, our products have been widely used in the field of organic chemistry , inorganic chemistry , biochemistry, medicine, environmental protection , metallurgy, petroleum , agriculture and so on. Meanwhile macy use of rich experience in product mechanical structure , optical design, electrical applications and software development accumulation , combined with the latest actual market demand , will soon be rolled out a whole new class of analytical instruments .

  macy company the enterprise microblogging application certification , and passed , today officially opened Weibo account Web version : Mobile : will be for the industry providing customers with the latest business trends, industry articles, etc. , so stay tuned.