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Three directions, environmental testing equipment development

Time:2017-08-07  Read:
  Environmental testing equipment in our environment increasingly serious moment, has broad market demand, and environmental protection is important to deal with China's water environment, atmospheric environment both strategic and global ecological purification problems. In detail , the important demand for environmental instrumentation is as follows :
  ( 1 ) environmental quality monitoring . Current national environmental protection system and departments , industries, companies have built more than 4,000 stations , employing 60,000 people, there are many environmental research institutes . In recent years, it is environmental science and monitoring analytical instruments , equipment replacement , and the degree of progress often view . EPA plans in the country in more than 400 countries nationwide network device monitoring stations ; over 350 environmental information center : 100 active urban air air monitoring system . Initial plans to invest 1.5 billion national currency , of which two-thirds of the country of investment , the central one-third of the investment . This does not include the investment industry , central and enterprises to establish monitoring stations , departments, according to the central need to cover environmental obligations otherwise my investment plan.
  ( 2 ) Purification source monitoring : one country to 80,000 nationwide focus on purification of total enterprises grasp the important emission purification and reduction to improve environmental quality, and therefore request 1 80,000 purify large online continues to be increasingly active device . monitoring system. Mature domestic instrument system is small, and the demand is much greater than the environmental quality monitoring , it is important to purchase the purification business. Important is the power industry , petrochemical , building materials, metallurgy , paper making , food and urban sewage treatment plants , the potential market to hundreds of billions of yuan.
  ( 3 ) remote sensing instruments : the kingdom of proposed environmental cleanup emphasis on prevention and ecological screening guidelines , to enhance the ecological environment cover necessary for China's ecological environment monitoring. Contains wilderness , grasslands , forests , land, agricultural ecological environment monitoring , also need to atmospheric purification, water purification ( such as land tide, oil spill purification ) and purified source remote sensing , but also establish a satellite receiving system and air satellite images analytical system , and change the status quo tends to analyze the quality of the environment and ecology , the environment and ecology of the country and establish a scientific basis to cover supply decisions.
  Currently domestic urgent environmental instrumentation includes important : atmospheric environmental quality monitoring instruments and active monitoring system ; air water environmental quality instrumentation and control systems ; ; to coal-fired power station or boiler flue gas analysis instrumentation represented monitoring system to municipal sewage treatment plant and the high concentration organic wastewater purification represented a source monitoring instrumentation and automation systems and so on.