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Analytik Jena AG launched UV - visible spectrophotometer New

Time:2017-08-07  Read:

       nalytik Jena AG, recently released a new UV - visible spectrophotometer SPECORD 50 PLUS, and then expanded its product line double beam spectrophotometer .
      The spectral range of 190-1100 nm , together with further improved stability and high throughput , such SPECORD 50 PLUS spectrophotometer becomes an ideal . Further , a coating of quartz , optical quality sealing element SPECORD 50 PLUS which ensures the highest quality, the highest performance and durability.

      SPECORD 50 PLUS for multiple application brings solutions. For multiple fields of chemical , pharmaceutical, medical , food quality control, environmental , life sciences , whether conventional analysis, or special applications , SPECORD 50 PLUS are capable .
SPECORD 50 PLUS main features:
No warm-up , plug and play
Excellent signal to noise ratio
Extremely fast measurement
Spectral scanning , or fixed wavelength measurement
Large sample compartment for quick replacement of samples and accessories
Built- in holmium oxide filter for automatic wavelength calibration
Various accessories suitable for routine analysis and special applications
This marks the visible photometer has entered a new level.