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Macylab Instruments Inc. Joins Pittcon 2017 with Her New Products

Time:2017-08-07  Read:
Macylab Instruments Inc. Joins Pittcon 2017 with Her New Products

Chicago and laboratory analysis instruments was founded in 1950, the exhibition is sponsored by the Pennsylvania a non-profit academic organization, society and the organization by the United States Pittsburgh spectrum analytical chemistry association together. Rooted in analytical chemistry and spectroscopy, PITTCON has developed into a comprehensive exhibition. Including: analytical chemistry, spectroscopy, life science, pharmaceutical technology, quality, food safety, environmental and biochemical protection, etc. Exhibition every year about more than 1000 exhibiting companies around the world exhibition, the exhibitors from Canada, China, France, Germany, Italy, Japan, the Netherlands and the United Kingdom. More than 90 countries around the world from the same industry, academia or government departments attend the meeting.

A four-day Pittsburgh in analytical chemistry and spectrum application meeting & exhibition (2017) Pittcon successfully ended in Chicago in the United States. Macy (China) with many new instruments at Pittcon 2017, around from 800 companies in 28 countries and areas of the world

Maylab Instruments Inc. shows the latest technological achievements, with ultraviolet spectrophotometer products subject to the U.S. market, micro-volume series UL - 1000 model, AA – 1800C atomic absorption spectrometer, there are a lot of Chinese science researchers  in the local country also give us expect and support.