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  • 2016
    Exhibiting in Munich, Germany, 2016
    Ultra micro spectrophotometer products offline
    The three lampholder of the atomic absorption spectrometer has been put into production
    All products through the ISO9001:2008 certification examined
  • 2015
    Exhibiting at 2015CISILE and BCEIA Beijing Exhibition
    The domestic production line of atomic absorption spectrometer has been put into operation formally
    Participating in the Middle East experimental exhibition and the spring and autumn Higher Education Exhibition
    All products through the ISO, RoHS certification
  • 2014
    China International Biotechnology and instrument Expo
    Exhibition in the Middle East, Dubai, Munich and Shanghai
    The company's product turnover exceeded thirty million
    The official WeChat public was officially opened
  • 2013
    Marketing Center, northeast, Shandong, southwest and Northwest office set up
    A full range of spectrophotometer products won the EU CE certification success
    Sina, Tencent, Sohu official micro-blog officially opened
    100th UV spectrophotometer produced offline
  • 2012
    Macylab Instruments Inc. Ltd. was incorporated
    The first visible spectrophotometer is produced offline
    Opened 400 hotline, the official website formally launched
    Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou and the establishment of the Office