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Annual Conference of China Scientific Instruments 2013,ACCSI 2013

Time:2017-08-07  Read:
  2013 annual meeting of China Scientific Instruments Development (Annual Conference of China Scientific Instruments 2013, ACCSI 2013) " on April 19, 2013 was held in Beijing . Has industry experts , the laboratory director , the instrument responsible persons , the relevant government departments Society and related association leaders, and other investment institutions in charge of 800 people attended the annual meeting .
  "Scientific Instrument Development China will ACCSI" has been successfully held the sixth since 2006 , has become one of the largest high-end scientific instruments industry meeting Chinese influence . Annual conference aims to promote effective communication Chinese scientific instruments industry " government, industry , academia, research , use , capital " and other parties, seek the latest advances in science instruments on China a more comprehensive summary of the latest industry and strive to policies and regulations the most forward-looking information industry market , the most representative instrument of new products, new technologies presented to you in the shortest time participants .
  The annual meeting of the Aspect
  One bright spot: the market outlook report released authoritative industry trends
  Invite industry experts 2012 Annual Scientific instrument industry development, and development of the industry in 2013 forecast and outlook , provide a reference for your strategic decisions.
  Highlight two: the dialogue and seek common development of China's industry leaders Scientific Instruments Industry
  Invited many well-known domestic and foreign well-known scientific instruments business CEO, scientific experts on the opportunities and challenges of Chinese industry keynote speeches , conspiracy Chinese scientific instruments industry .
  Highlight three : Focus on the instrument integration of instruments and downstream industry chain development
  " Instrument development and core components forum " for the person in charge of research and development equipment manufacturers , technical director , responsible for the procurement of spare parts suppliers and core direct dialogue on the instrument integration and downstream industry chain.
  Highlight four: To investigate the characteristics of personnel needs to co- culture model
  Talent shortage has become a bottleneck affecting the development of scientific instruments . In particular, the organization will provide the personnel side and demand side ( institutions and enterprises ) direct dialogue on strengthening the depth of school-enterprise cooperation , talent training mode transition depth discussions to resolve the current critical talent shortages.
  Highlights 5: additional sample preparation techniques , rapid detection of two forums to grasp market trends Scientific Instruments
  Experts invited sample preparation techniques , food safety rapid detection technology experts analyzing the current situation of market development , technology trends and market outlook .
  Highlights 6 : organizing instrument buyers will meet the supply and demand sides up close
  Quality instrument buyers will meet , authoritative experts on-site technical parameters analysis, product manufacturers , a senior engineer explained . Help buyers fully understand the product , optimize supplier resources and broaden procurement channels.
  Highlights 7 : Domestic MS forum to promote research and development to improve the quality of domestic mass
  Various accessories such as a mass spectrometer quadrupole key components , vacuum pumps and power supply are the key factors affecting the performance of mass spectrometry . The forum will invite the relevant units of R & D personnel , who is responsible for the production of communication and exchange , to promote the localization of key components of MS , provide effective communication between the parties and mass spectrometry platform provides integrated whole party is a key component of MS . The forum also invited senior MS experts in the production, testing and commissioning process, the key indicator of how scientific , comprehensive evaluation of the mass spectrometer sensitivity, resolution and scanning speed for domestic mass spectrometry.

  I also invited to attend the meeting , underlines our products in the market increasingly significant importance !