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CHINA LAB 2014 Guangzhou International Analytical and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition & Seminar

Time:2017-08-07  Read:

Time: March 12, 2014 - March 14, 2009
Location: Guangzhou Poly World Trade Center

Main Sponsor:
Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions Co., Ltd.
Guangdong Foreign Science and Technology Exchange Center
Guangdong International Science & Technology Exhibition Company

Supported by:
• China Association for Instrumental Analysis
• China Entry-Exit Inspection and Quarantine Association
• China Instrument Society
• China Center for Biotechnology Development
• Guangdong Provincial Association for Quality Inspection
• Guangdong Provincial Institute of Food
• Guangdong Provincial Association for Instrumental Analysis
• Guangzhou Institute of Biomedicine and Health, Chinese Academy of Sciences
• American Chinese Biopharmaceutical Association ( deleted )
• Drug Discovery Center of Guangdong in South China
• China Pharmaceutical Group
• Reed Exhibitions
• Sinopharm Group Co. Ltd.
• China Bio Corporation
• China Scientific Equipment Import and Export Corporation
• China Pharmaceutical Industry Co., Ltd.
• Shanghai Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry
• National Pharmaceutical Group Sichuan Industrial Institute of Antibiotics
• Sinopharm Chemical Reagent Co., Ltd.

First, laboratory products
1 , Scientific Instruments
( 1 ) analysis , measuring instruments : chromatography, gas , spectrum , spectrum , mass spectrometry , optical spectroscopy spectroscope
( 2 ) Common laboratory equipment : such as measuring and weighing instruments , microscopes and optical image processing apparatus and equipment
( 3 ) biochemical instruments, life science and microbiological testing instruments , laboratory animal facility
( 4 ) industry-specific analytical instruments and equipment
2 , reagents / consumables
( 1 ) General reagents
( 2 ) the instrument-specific chemical reagents
( 3 ) Standard substances,
( 4 ) Laboratory Chemicals
( 5 ) Electronic reagents, photochemical reagents
( 6 ) Reagents for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
( 7 ) medical / diagnostic / test reagents
( 8 ) Lab Supplies
3 , glass products : glass instruments, medical glass , glassware, specialty glass
4 , laboratory furniture

Second, laboratory information management systems and software : laboratory databases and document management systems , bioinformatics and related software, books , journals , media , training and consulting
Third, laboratory planning , design and construction
Fourth, laboratory investment, operation , management and upgrades
Audience range:
• instrumentation , reagents intermediate producers / buyers
• universities and research institutions ( including the Academy of Sciences , Institute of Laboratory , R & D centers, engineering centers , testing centers, technical support platform , etc. )
• public sector ( quality control , inspection , drug testing, environmental protection , public works , etc. )
• health, disease control, inspection and quarantine related units
• Drug / food / health products such as product development and manufacturing companies
• electronics, semiconductors , materials, chemicals, energy , petroleum , steel, metallurgy , military, forestry, animal husbandry , control , aerospace, machinery manufacturing and other industries
• Third party testing organizations , certification bodies and other quality inspection oversight bodies
• the relevant government authorities, industry associations, media
Guangzhou International Analytical and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition & Seminar (China Lab)
Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions Co., Ltd. and Guangdong Foreign Science and Technology Exchange Center entered into a collaboration , since 2011 , the two sides ' s China Laboratory Technology and Equipment Fair (EXPOLAB) and China International analytical instruments / Biotechnology Exhibition and technical Seminar (CECIA) officially merged after the merger will enable the exhibition new show Name: Guangzhou International Analytical and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition and Conference (China Lab) Guangzhou International Analytical and Laboratory Equipment Exhibition & seminar (China Lab)

Laboratory techniques and construction services in a complete value chain , based in South China , China and throughout Southeast Asia radiation , laboratory equipment, reagents and consumables as the core , involving laboratory planning , design, construction , operation, software, management , investment and other content through exhibitions and forums , such as the form of publicity , trade, exchange of laboratory professionals in the field , interactive learning platform to provide a complete solution for the laboratory
China Laboratory Technology and Equipment Fair
China Laboratory Technology and Equipment Fair , formerly known as the National Council Bose , the National Chemical / diagnostic reagents , analytical instruments, laboratory equipment, tools, glassware fairs, closing in June 2010 has been successfully held 60 sessions show in the industry have a certain influence and authority , especially in the reagents, glassware field is known as the most authoritative and most influential professional exhibition. 2004 combined with industry demand , the exhibition shows the contents of an increase of scientific instruments , expanding the types of exhibits in 2006 launched a life science instrumentation and application colloquium, enhanced radiation show and professionalism.

Since 2007 , in order to adapt to the rapid development of new forms of market , and effectively improve the efficiency of corporate exhibitors , professional visitors concentrated time , highlighting the role of the professional media , China Laboratory Technology and Equipment Fair will be changed twice a year annual session.

As China's only the biggest , most authoritative laboratory reagents and General Instrument Exhibition , China Laboratory Technology and Equipment Fair (Expolab) around the laboratory research and application areas , by showing various types of laboratory reagent supplies, as well as General Instrument other related products and services , reflecting the Chinese laboratory technology and equipment development direction of the field in all aspects , with particular focus on the field of food and drug research and development and quality control , disease control, quarantine and laboratory infrastructure, it is a Chinese laboratory related products services procurement and best business platform for technology exchange .

To promote scientific and technological progress , select the theme of the exact sciences , advocating the concept of human services , the implementation of rigorous scientific operation of the process , the implementation of efficient and pragmatic management system for the majority of producers and users of laboratory and related areas to provide a quick, pragmatic communication platform , creating a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere of negotiations .

China ( Guangzhou ) International analytical instruments / Biotechnology Exhibition & Seminar (CECIA)
CECIA founded since 1999 , after ten years of brand precipitation in southern China has grown into the most representative and largest scientific instrument exhibition display products covering a number of areas , including an analysis of test, measurement / metrology, laboratory techniques , life sciences and biotechnology , etc., 2009 South China International adds laboratory equipment thematic exhibitions . In addition to technology products show outside , CECIA also attaches great importance to providing a three-dimensional branding platforms, such as organizing corporate products and technological exchanges will target the industry, the organization has targeted companies - user networking reception , organize new online exhibitor preview , users online booking negotiations , etc., and target a variety of channels to enable enterprises to establish effective communication between users , but also improve the efficiency of procurement users.

Work together to build a technical seminar authority over the same period a year attracts thousands of professionals who have encountered participation between analysis and testing industry has become the major user industries and important information exchange platform.