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Shanghai Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision held Vis metrology staff of project skills contest

Time:2017-08-07  Read:

Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau held Vis metrology staff of project skills contest

September 5 and 6 , the city quality supervision system of the first job training and skills of workers Tournament sub-item Vis metrology personnel skills measurement contest held in the city hospital , which is following the project Aug. 28 written skills Competition combat operations after the contest . Municipal Quality Supervision Bureau inspector Zheng Guanghui person operating skills contest site for guidance.

Vis is included in the " People's Republic of China compulsory certification of measuring instruments working directory" measuring instruments , widely used in health care, trade settlement and environmental monitoring . The skills contest activities adequately reflect the level of expertise of the city visible spectrophotometer metrology personnel and operational warfare capabilities

Zheng Guanghui said the contest activities to really improve the level of technical personnel business purposes , skills contest to blend with their daily work , to really establish a " real skill to master , trained real effort" metrology staff team.

From the city hospital quality , relevant metrology personnel districts ( counties ) detected by measuring participated in the tournament .